Ecopipette (CAPP)


Capp (and LAB MARK as well) take global warming seriously and introduce an environmental policy. This policy among many other things, include the use of green energy and the introduction of a new ecopipette™ programme.

Ecopipette (CAPP)

It's simple, return your old pipettes (any brand accepted) and get a discount on your new ecopipette! Capp will ensure an enviromentally safe waste discharge of your old pipettes.

More than a pipette

  • Made to last: durable materials ensure a prolonged life time
  • Packaging made from recyclable, biodegradable paper
  • Only half as many turns to set volume as any other pipette
  • Display not obscured by the hand during operation
  • Volume locking device
  • Lowest thumb load of any pipette for aspiration and blow-out
  • Only pipette with easily exchangeable and low cost counter mechanism
  • Large and well placed ejector pad for the most comfortable tip ejection
  • Almost negligible tip ejection force – lower than any other pipette
  • Fully autoclavable pipette body with no need of disassembly
  • O-rings at tip base for best tip attachment
  • Compatible with the largest variety of tips
  • Only pipette with no deformation of tip cone over time
  • Lowest risk of breakage as a result of accidental dropping
Catalog number Description Price excl. VAT
C10-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 0,5–10 µl, ecopipette White 4 400 Kč E-SHOP
C20-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 2–20 µl, ecopipette Gray 4 400 Kč E-SHOP
C50-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 5–50 µl, ecopipette Red 4 400 Kč E-SHOP
C100-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 10–100 µl, ecopipette Orange 4 400 Kč E-SHOP
C200-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 20–200 µl, ecopipette Yellow 4 400 Kč E-SHOP
C1000-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 100–1000 µl, ecopipette Blue 4 400 Kč E-SHOP