Humalyzer 2000/3000 (HUMAN)

The Humalyzer has been design for the photometric determination of chemical reactions in human serum, heparinised plasma and urine.

Humalyzer 2000/3000 (HUMAN)

The instrument is a general-purpose bichromatic photometer system with six selectable wavelengths and 37 °C incubation. Two additional wavelengths are optional. A removable flowcell can be installed in the read well to provide extremely rapid fluid sampling with low carryover.

A built-in vacuum pump and an external autoclavable waist bottle with level sensing are supplied standard. When the flowcell is removed, the instrument accepts standard 1 mm round tubes as well as 1cm square cuvettes. The instrument also contains an incubation block with 12 round tube stations. Both the incubation block and the read well are temperature controlled to 37 °C.

The design of the instrument includes many features to minimize operator errors, such as stable factory calibration, automatic zeroing, complete operator prompting, detailed labelling, pre-programmed calculations, visual and audible feedback, flags and error messages, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Catalog number Description Price excl. VAT
18300 Humalyzer 2000 105 000 Kč E-SHOP