Application and technical service

We provideds11fx

  • authorized technical and consulting service of below mentioned brands and products
  • maintenance and periodical safety checks according to manufacturer´s instructions
  • device validation
  • warranty and post warranty repairs
  • device replacement during time needed for repair

Brand and product specification


Laboratory instruments (dry baths, incubators, shakers, thermomixers, hybridizers, homogenizers). Selected products sold under own brand labmark line - a family of products with special discount, potential repair solved by immediate replacement, practical and proven products.


Extraction of DNA / RNA.

Benchmark Scientific

Laboratory instruments (centrifuges, water baths, dry baths, shakers, incubators, vortex mixers, rotators etc.) incl.wide range of accessories.


DNA/RNA analyzers.

BMG Labtech

Microplate readers (spectrophotometers, fluorometers, luminometers, polarimeters) accroding to preferred configuration.

Dr. Muller

Glucometers for measuring of měření glucose, lactate or hemoglobin.


Spectrophotemers and fluorometer series, for microvolumes or in cuvette.


Wide range of centrifuges.


Osmometers for pharmaceutical and biological research, clinical laboratories and petrochemical and polymer industry.

Iris - StatSpin



Instruments for DNA/RNA extraction.

Labnet International

Centrifuges, incubators, shakers.

Medica Corporation

ISE analyzers.

Pacific Image

Documentation systems, transiluminators.

PG Instruments


RBC Bioscience

Instruments for DNA/RNA extraction.

YD Diagnostics

Urine strips and analyzers.

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