Documentation system Slite 200W (UVW)

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Compact gel documentation system that comes with several user-friendly features, including easy operation, fast response when in processing, and standalone mode.

Slite 200W 15 Series is designed as a standalone workstation with a single all-in-one processor embedded inside. No external PC connection is required for further system operation. Slite 200W 15 Series is equipped with an 8” built-in LCD touch screen that allows direct handling of image data without any difficulty. Moreover, with the smart user’s interface and vivid icons Slite 200W 15 Series can rapidly capture gel images with high accuracy. Using Slite 200W 15 Series will provide a worry-free gel documentation experience and will save you more time in the lab for more important research.


• UV light for fluorescence dye-stained DNA (ex. EtBr)/protein (ex. SYPRO Ruby) gel imaging.
• Easy interchangeable light sources.
• Standalone operation with no PC required.

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