Multipette® M4 Starter Kit, single-channel

Multipette® M4, Combitip Rack, Combitip assortment pack, 1 µL – 10 mL..
Cat. No.: 4982000314
379 €
458,40 € incl. VAT

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• Repetitive dispensing modes decrease the number of movements by allowing the user to fill the tip once and dispense up to 100 times without a refill
• Automatic Combitip recognition eliminates time consuming volume calculations
• Wide dispensing range: 1 µL to 10 mL
• Stress-free work via integrated step counter: dispensing procedures can be continued error-free after an interruption or distraction
• Central Combitip ejector: fully emptied Combitip can be easily ejected with one hand
• Perfect for viscous or foaming solutions and liquids with high vapour pressure through positive displacement principle
• Safe handling of toxic, radioactive or infectious material

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