Spectrophotometer SPECTROstarOmega

Ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrum absorbance spectrometer - upgradeable to a multi-mode microtiter plate reader.
Cat. No.: 415-401

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The SPECTROstar Omega is a dedicated absorbance microplate reader that can capture either a full-absorbance spectrum or up to eight discrete wavelengths simultaneously. Upgrades can transform SPECTROstar Omega into a powerful multi-mode reader with up to six detection modes, Simultaneous Dual Emission and injectors

• Full-spectrum UV/Vis absorbance measurements in less than 1 second
• Measurement in up to 1536-well microplate format
• Plate shaking and uniform incubation up to 45 °C or 65 °C
• Well-scanning and real-time kinetic monitoring
• High-precision injectors with simultaneous reagent injection and detection
• Includes multi-user control and MARS data analysis software
• Compatible with LVis Plate for low volume samples (down to 2µl)
• Stacker compatible

Wavelength Range (nm) 220 to 1000
Absorbance range (AU) 0 - 4
Accuracy < 1 %
Measurement time < 1s / well
Incubator Temperature (°C) ambient + 4 to 45 (65)
Weight (kg) 28
Dimensions w x d x h (cm) 44 x 48 x 30

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