Glucometer Super GL Speedy with carousel for 60 samples. Measures glucose and lactate.
Cat. No.: DM-033000000000
11.385 €
13.775,40 € incl. VAT

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The well known analysers of the product line SUPER G for clinical laboratory. The SUPER GL speedy uses the modern technology of the sensors together with other new technical items. It has an innovative sample rotor for 60 samples, a new touch screen for easy operating the device and also the well known biosensor.

It provides the technical standard necessary for modern analysers, such as a variety of EDP links, barcode reader, storage function for the samples and controls etc.

Capacity 60 samples
Series Measurement Glucose; Glucose / Lactate 18; 30
Measuring Range Glucose (mmol/l) 0,6 to 50
Measuring Range Lactate (mmol/l) 0.5 to 30
Sample volume (ul) 10/20
Precision (60 samples) 12 mmol/l (%) < 1,5

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