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NEW familly of specially selected products under own brand.

Slide Hybridizer / Thermomixer / Thermomixer RH / DryBath / Incumixer / Multi-Tube Vortexer / Homogenizer


PCR Water 50 x 2ml

Manufactured exclusively for LAB MARK.

Optimal substitution of Bioline PCR Water (BIO-37080) which has been discontinued.

Extremely pure molecular biology grade water suitable for all elfo and PCR apps.

Specially adjusted, RNase and DNase free.

Packaging in plastic foiled box - each screw cup tube avoids potential contamination by recurrent pipetting.

Tested in RT-PCR and certified to be free of DNA contamination.


QuickGene DNA Extraction Kits

QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit S // DT-S
Kit components:
Proteinase K EDT 2.5 ml Tissue Lysis Buffer MDT 25 ml Lysis Buffer LDT 30 ml Wash Buffer WDT 160 ml Elution Buffer CDT 100 ml Cartridges CA 96 Collection Tubes CT 96 Caps CAP 96
Waste Tubes WT 96

QuickGene DNA Whole Blood Kit S // DB-S
Kit components:
Protease EDB 1 vial Lysis Buffer LDB 30 ml Wash Buffer WDB 160 ml Elution Buffer CDB 100 ml Cartridges CA 96 Collection Tubes CT 96 Caps CAP 96 Waste Tubes WT 96

Montania 4896 (Anatolia Geneworks)

Real-Time PCR instrument with twin blocks.
Simultaneous two different assays, with two different protocols, 96 samples, 4 filters.
HRM, Allelic Discrimination, Relative Quantification.
For Diagnostics and Research.

Montania 483 (Anatolia Geneworks)

Real-Time PCR instrument for diagnostic laboratories using Bosphore kits.
Anatolia Geneworks price list

Montania 483 FLYER

CappAero™ 384 well pipetting (CAPP)

The widest assortment for 384 well work.

Key Features                                             Target Applications

Robust design                                            PCR Set-up
Superior accuracy and precision                  MicroArrays
Reduced 384 plate prep time                       Maldi
Ergonomically designed                               Genotyping
Fully autoclavable                                       More...

CappAero Flyer

CF DYES (Biotium)

The Next-Generation Dyes for Labeling Proteins and Nucleic Acids.

Unrivaled brightness and photostability.         Colors ranging from blue to near-IR.

Functionalized with a variety of reactive groups.   CF-labeled antibodies, streptavidin, lectins, phalloidin and more.            CF dye labeling kits


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