Capp Rondo 3D Shaker

Capp Rondo 3D Shaker
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Platform dimensions 35 x 35 cm, load capacity 5 kg.


Stable oscillating mixer with three directions of movement with adjustable speed from 10 to 120 RPM. A combination of swinging and rocking ensures perfect mixing of the sample. Option to store 9 individual protocols or use pulse mode in combination with a timer (30-99 sec.). The 3D shaker can be set between 1-999 minutes or continuous operation.


Load capacity (kg)                                           5

Platform dimensions (cm)                               35 x 35

Swing speed from (swings/min.)                     10

Swing speed up to (swings/min.)                    120

Tilt angle (°)                                                     7

Time setting (min)                                            1 to 999 / continuously

Weight (kg)                                                       9

Dimensions w x d x h (cm)                               20.6 x 37.2 x 19.2

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