4. 4. 2018

Spectrophotometer comptetition with DeNovix

Closing date 31st May 2018.

If you want to participate in the competition with a special pink edition DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer with integrated fluorometer and you are working for or be associated with a laboratory whose primary focus is research. There are 10 ways to enter and you can enter using all options for more chances to win.

More information here. 

28. 3. 2018

We offer new products brand SD Biosensor

More information in the link here.

11. 1. 2018

RNA Methylation Kits Promotion

Sale 10% for 2 or more pieces

More information here

19. 9. 2017

NEW products

For the quantitative determination of Lp- PLA2 activity.

Diazyme Lp-PLA2 Activity Assay is for the quantitative determination of Lp- PLA2 activity in serum, K3 EDTA plasma and lithium heparin plasma samples. Lp-PLA2 is a specific marker of vascular inflammation associated with atherosclerosis.

25. 5. 2017

All ChIP Kits with 10%

begin on May 22nd, 2017 and end August 18th, 2017

Now 10% discount on all ChIP kits from Epigentek.


12. 5. 2017

New supplier Wako

More info https://www.labmark.eu/wako

18. 4. 2017

New supplier PentaBase

New supplier

The Danish company provides services to customers in the area of molecular biology and diagnostics.


12. 4. 2017


Denovix DS-11 FX + has just received the Reviewers' Choice SelectScience Life Science Product of the Year Award!

4. 2. 2016

New OMNI homogenizers in our portfolio! We have included a brand new products - various types of homogenizers for wide range of applications.

Download PDF

9. 11. 2015

NEW product brand labmark line

We´re excited to introduce a family of specially selected products under own brand.

Popular products always on stock for fast delivery.

Slide Hybridizer / Thermomixer / Thermomixer RH / DryBath / Incumixer / Multi-Tube Vortexer / Homogenizer all for very competitive price!

For more info contact us: labmark@labmark.cz or call +420 233 335 548.

3. 3. 2015

PCR Water

Optimal substitution of Bioline PCR Water (BIO-37080) which has been discontinued. Manufactured exclusively for LAB MARK.

Extremely pure molecular biology grade water (18 Mohm.cm, voda-korunka-smallultrafiltred) suitable for all electrophoresis and PCR applications.

Specially adjusted, RNase and DNase free - ideal for DNA and RNA (one-step) work.

Convenient packaging in plastic foiled boxes - each 50 x 2ml screw cup tube allows to avoid potential contamination by recurrent

Each batch is tested in RT-PCR and certified to be free of DNA contamination.


P442    PCR Water, 50 x 2 ml     61 EUR

BUY 10 or more boxes and get

an additional DISCOUNT of 10%!

Download PCR Water flyer in PDF


28. 1. 2014

Spectrophotometer DS-11 (DeNovix)

Compact, stand-alone design allows it to operate without a PC and does not require any software installation.

Key Features of the DS-11white-small

  • Full spectrum analysis (190-840 nm)
  • Android™ operating system featuring EasyApps™ software
  • Ultra high absorbance- up to 25,000 ng/ul dsDNA or 750 mg/ml BSA
  • 0.5 to 1 ul samples with no sample column breakage
  • Stand alone system
  • Small footprint- only 20 x 33 cm
  • No separate PC or software installation is required
  • Ethernet, WiFi and USB connectivity
  • AutoRun function
  • 4 second measurement time
  • Maintenance free
  • Two models: microvolume only (DS-11) and microvolume plus cuvette (DS-11+)


Exhibitions / Workshops

36. Interdisciplinary Days of Clinical Biochemistry of the Hradec Králové, Pardubice and South Bohemian Regions

24. - 25. 5. 2018 in Hotelu MAS – Sezimovo Ústí II

We would like to invite you to the days of clinical biochemistry of the Hradec Králové, Pardubice and South Bohemian regions in which we participate.

More information here.

Exhibitions / Workshops


Date: May 24-26, 2018 Conference venue: Luhačovice, Hotel Harmonie

CBPRS 2018 is an international conference organized by Laboratory of Growth Regulators, Palacky University and Institute of Experimental Botany.

Topics: Biological and chemical approaches related to growth regulators and further bioactive substances.

More information.


Exhibitions / Workshops

6th Conference of Forensic Genetics and Biology 2018

28 - 30 May 2018 Olomouc, Fortress of Knowledge (part of Korunní pevnoststka)

The 6th Conference on Forensic Genetics and Biology will be held in Olomouc on 28-30 May 2018.

Exhibitions / Workshops

Žermanice - working days of laboratory medicine

11. -12. 6. 2018 Žermanice

We would like to invite you to the working days of laboratory medicine in Žermanice, where we participate.

More information here.

Exhibitions / Workshops

Days of molecular pathology

Venue: Theoretical institutes of LF UP Olomouc             Hněvotínská 976/3, Nová Ulice, 779 00 Olomouc Date: 14. - 15. 6. 2018

We invite you to Olomouc on the 14th. days of molecular pathology. This meeting of experts dealing with molecular aspects of the development, course, diagnosis and therapy of illnesses has its own tradition and allows us to exchange views and experiences to improve the prognosis of our patients.


More information here.

Exhibitions / Workshops

51st Annual Cytogenetic Conference

6-7. September 2018

In the days of 6-7. September 2018, the 51st Annual Cytogenetic Conference is held in Ostrava, see the attached first announcement. For more information, please visit the conference website at www.pathology.com or www.konference.pathology.cz.