DiI (or DiIC18(3))
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DiIC18(3); 1,1'-dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3'-tetramethylindocarbocyanine.

DiI is a widely used carbocyanine membrane dye that labels cell membranes by inserting its two long (C18 carbon) hydrocarbon chains into the lipid bilayer. Particularly, it has been extensively used for the anterograde and retrograde labelling of neurons. The intense fluorescence and high photostability of the dye make it possible to visualize the fine structures (axons and dendrites) of the neurons. Due to its low toxicity and the tendency to give highly stable cell labelling, the dye has also been generally used for long term cell tracing of cells both in cultures and in living embryos or animals. Please also see our ready-to-use CellBrite Cell Membrane Labelling Solutions.

• Ex/ Em(MeoH) = 549/565 nm
• e = 148,000
• Dark red solid soluble in ethanol, DMF or DMSo
• Store at -20°C
• C59H97ClN2o4
• MW: 933.88
• [41085-99-8]
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