GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stain, 10,000X in DMSO

GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stain, 10,000X in DMSO
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A sensitive, stable and environmentally safe green fluorescent nucleic acid dye designed to stain either dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels.

GelGreen is far more sensitive than SYBR Safe. Unlike SYBR dyes, which are known to be unstable, GelGreen is very stable, both hydrolytically and thermally. GelGreen is compatible with either a 254 nm UV transilluminator or a gel reader equipped with visible light excitation (such as blue LED light box, 488 nm laser-based gel scanner, or Dark Reader ).

GelGreen can be used for either post-electrophoresis gel staining or precast gel staining.
A series of safety tests have confirmed that GelGreen is noncytotoxic, nonmutagenic and nonhazardous at concentrations well above the working concentrations used in gel staining. As a result, GelGreen can be safely disposed of down the drain or in regular trash, providing convenience and reducing cost in waste disposal.


• Safer than EB: Shown by the Ames test and other tests to be nonmutagenic and noncytotoxic.
• Easy disposal: Passed environmental safety tests for direct disposal down the drain or in regular trash.
• Ultra-sensitive: Much more sensitive than EtBr and SYBR Safe.
• Extremely stable: Available in water, stable at room temperature for long-term storage and microwavable.
• Simple to use: Very simple procedures for precast or post-electrophoresis gel staining.
• Compatible with a standard UV transilluminator or a gel reader with visible light excitation: Replaces SYBR or GelStar with no optical setting change.
• Compatible with downstream applications: Compatible with gel purification, restriction digest, sequencing and cloning.
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