MBL standard serum (human) - 1000 (AU)

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Control intended for kit MBL Oligomer ELISA Kit

All individual sera and the serum pool were tested negative for HBsAg and for antibodies against HIV-1, HIV-2 and HCV. Blood from 30 healthy donors was collected in flasks without anticoagulant and allowed to clot. Serum was collected after centrifugation and pooled in a 10-liter flask. After mixing, 1-ml aliquots of the serum were pipetted into 2-ml vials. Each vial was assigned an MBL content of 1000 AU. The material was freeze-dried and the vials closed under vacuum.

Human MBL1 is an opsonin, which activates the complement system2 on binding to microbial polysaccharides. Plasma concentrations of normally oligomerized MBL range from 0 to 7000 ng/ml and may be below 50 ng/ml in up to 12% of healthy Caucasian blood donors. Low plasma concentrations may be associated with an inherited opsonin defect3. MBL from donors of B/B genotype is poorly oligomerized and gives low readings in MBL assays selective for oligomerized MBL.
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