Methylamp RNA Bisulfite Conversion Kit 

Methylamp RNA Bisulfite Conversion Kit 
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A complete set of optimized reagents required for fast bisulfite conversion on a RNA sample. 50 reactions.

The converted RNA obtained with the Methylamp RNA Bisulfite Conversion Kit is suitable for various downstream RNA methylation analyses including methylation specific RT-PCR, MS-HRM, and bisulfite RNA-sequencing (e.g., pyrosequencing and deep-sequencing).

• Fast and convenient protocol that can be finished in 3 hours.
• Completely converts unmethylated RNA cytosine into uracil (>99.9%) with no or negligible inappropriate/error conversion of methylcytosine to thymine (<0.1%) when the indicated range of input sample RNA is used.
• Powerful protection against RNA degradation, with over 90% of RNA loss prevented.
• Included control primers are specific against bisulfite-converted RNA and can be used to test whether the bisulfite conversion has been properly achieved.
• Low amount of input RNA can be used for bisulfite conversion with as low as 5 ng per reaction.
• Simple, reliable, and consistent reaction conditions.
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