PlateFuge Microcentrifuge

The first "mini" sized centrifuge with a swing out rotor for microplates.
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• Quickly spins down droplets in PCR plates
• Unique swing-out rotor design prevents spillage (Patent Pending)
• Half the size of traditional centrifuges
• Accepts all popular types of PCR plates

Centrifuging plates before PCR ensures all reactants are in the bottom of the wells for proper concentrations and improved yields.

In spite of its remarkably small footprint (9x10 in.), the PlateFuge™ includes a uniquely designed, swing out rotor (patent pending) capable of securing 2 microplates. The easily accessible rotor chamber includes two plate carriers that rest at a 75° angle. This allows plates to be inserted confidently without sealing tapes or caps. Upon closing the lid of the centrifuge, the rotor accelerates and the centrifugal force "swings" the plates into a horizontal position. Any droplets on the walls of the plate quickly concentrate into the well bottoms.

With a g-force of 600 x g, most samples can be spun down in less than 20 seconds. To end a run, simply open the lid and the automatic, electric brake brings the rotor to a quick, smooth stop in just 4 seconds. Plates can then be easily removed from the rotor.

Capacity 2 plates
Speed (RPM) 2100
RCF (x g) 400
Weight (kg) 4
Dimensions w x d x h (cm) 23 x 26 x 19,7

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