PMA dye, 20 mM in H2O (Propidium Monoazide)

PMA dye, 20 mM in H2O (Propidium Monoazide)
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PMA (propidium monoazide) dye is a DNA modifier invented by scientists at Biotium.

It is a photo-reactive dye that binds to dsDNA with high affinity. Upon photolysis with visible light, PMA dye covalently attaches itself to dsDNA. The PMA-modified dsDNA cannot be amplified by PCR. The dye is designed to be cell membrane-impermeable. Thus, in a population of live and dead cells, only dead cells are susceptible to DNA modification due to compromised cell membranes. This unique feature of PMA dye makes it highly useful in selective detection of live bacteria by qPCR. A bacterial sample can be first pre-treated with PMA under light to inactivate dsDNA from dead cells. DNA is then extracted and analysed by PCR. Since Biotium first developed PMA dye, there have been hundreds of publications on the use of the dye in pathogenic bacterial detection related to food and water safety, medical diagnosis and biodefense.
PMA is also available in lyophilized format, catalogue no. 40013.

For photoactivation of PMAxx, PMA or EMA dye, we recommend the use of Biotium’s PMA-Lite LED Photolysis Device (E90002), which is designed to conduct photolysis under controlled conditions.

• Molecular weight: 511
• Abs = 464 nm (before photolysis)
• Abs/Em = 510/610 nm (following photolysis and covalent attachment to DNA/RNA)
• Dark red liquid
• Store at -20°C and protect from light at all times
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