BenchRocker 3D Nutating Shaker

BenchRocker 3D Nutating Shaker
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Platform dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.

Designed to provide the precise speeds and tilt angles required for a broad range of molecular and biological mixing applications. Adjustable both parameters to match the vessel size and the volume of liquid being mixed, yielding optimum results. Proprietary InstaTilt technology means no tools, no disassembly. Simply grip the platform with two hands and move to the desired position.

Includes both flat and dimpled (autoclavable) mats for mixing a wide variety of tubes and other vessels. BenchRocker 3D features a maintenance free, brushless motor, capable of loads up to 4.4 lbs and is safe for use in cold rooms and incubators.
ManufacturerBenchmark Scientific
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