Human ßAmyloid(1-40)ELISA Kit Wako ?

Human ßAmyloid(1-40)ELISA Kit Wako ?
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Kit for the quantitative determination of human B Amyloid (1-40).

Human B Amyloid (1-40) ELISA Kit Wako is designed for the quantitative determination of human B Amyloid (1-40) which is believed to be the main trigger of Alzheimer’s disease. The kit can be used for tissue cultures, tissue homogenate, Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) and plasma. It uses the monoclonal antibody BAN50 which binds the N-terminal of B Amyloid peptides (1-16) and the monoclonal antibody BA27 which specifically detects the C-terminal portion of B Amyloid 40. Kit II uses BA27 (F(ab’)2-HRP) so the antigen-antibody reaction of this kit is more stable than the reaction of Kit I. This product is for research use only.

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