LAB MARK Thermomixer RH

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples.
Supplied without optional blocks.
Cat. No.: LM-MSC100
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Mixing, heating and cooling modes can be used either simultaneously or independently. The main body of the Mixing Block can be used with different kinds of blocks.


• LCD display. It is easy to set up and use.
• accurately control and display time, temperature and speed
• over-heating protection device ensures safety & reliability
• low noise working even under the speed of 1,500rpm
• conforms to CE safety standard
• Peltier design of MSC-100 provides thermal control in a compact unit

Mixing Speed from (RPM) 200
Mixing Speed to (RPM) 1500
Temperature from (°C) Ambient - 20
Temperature to (°C) 100
Orbit (mm) 2
Temp. Control Accuracy (°C) ±0,5
 Time Setting 1min~99h59min
Weight (kg) 8,5
Dimensions w x d x h (cm) 22 x 30 x 17,5

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