NGAL ELISA Kit (Human)

NGAL ELISA Kit (Human)
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An ELISA for the in vitro determination of human NGAL in urine, serum, plasma, tissue extracts or culture media.

NGAL is a new early biomarker for diagnosing acute kidney injury (AKI).

Under normal conditions, NGAL levels are low in urine and plasma, but they rise sharply from basal levels in response to kidney injury to reach diagnostic levels within a very short time - as much as 24 hours or more before any significant rise in serum creatinine.

Simple ELISA format - easy to perform. Ready-to-use calibrators and working solutions. Pre-coated ELISA strips. All incubations performed at room temperature. Easy storage. All components are stored at 4°C. Automation possible on open ELISA workstations.

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