T60V - VIS spektrofotometr

High performance compact split beam spectrophotometer with vawelength range 325 - 1100 nm.

Cat. No.: T60-1611E(SW)
3.396 €
4.109,30 € incl. VAT

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The instrument is supplied with either universal pathlength 5 cell changer or fixed path length 8 cell changer as standard.

Wavelength Range (nm) 325 - 1100
Absorbance range -0,3 - 3,0
Bandwidth 2 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2 nm
Number of cuvettes in motorised holder 5 or 8
Light source Wolfram lamp
Interface RS232
Weight (kg) 11
Dimensions w x d x h (cm) 47,6 x 36,2 x 22, 5

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