UV Transiluminator TI2621D

UV Transiluminator TI2621D
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Provides extremely uniform UV illumination along with several convenient features like small footprint and the best economic value.

• No flickering effect due to its 40 KHz high frequency.
• Electronic ballast.
• Single/Dual wavelength.
• 26 x 21cm in size of illuminated area.
• High/Low intensity selector.
• UV safety shield minimizes personal exposure.
• Universal VAC.

The light sources equipped within Colorfluor 200BW illuminator are blue and white LED lights. Wide range of blue light excited fluorescence applications may be processed through light source excitations:
1.Blue light applications: Alexa™ 488, cy2, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, FITC, ethidium bromide, etc.
2.Epi Blue Light applications: Fluorescent dye conjugated antibody binding signal observation on western blot.
White backlight board is good for coomassie blue and silver stain image solution.
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