Capp Rondo Tube Roller

Capp Rondo Tube Roller
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The digital rotary mixer offers gentle mixing of various cylindrical containers, bottles and test tubes.

Designed for mixing blood and very viscous samples at, can be set up to 80 RPM. It also offers 9 individual protocols, a time setting of 1-99 min and a run-pause-run pulse mode with a setting of 30 to 99 sec.


Cylinder dimensions (cm)                                  3 x 32

Gaps between cylinders (mm)                           5

Rotation speed (rpm)                                        10-80

Accuracy (rpm)                                                   ±5

Settings (rpm)                                                     1

Tilt angle (°)                                                        ±3

Timer (min.)                                                        1-99 / continuous

Operating temperature range (°C)                     +5 to +40

Weight (kg)                                                          5

Dimensions w x d x h (cm)                                  50.5 x 29.3 x 9

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