EU 8-tube strip (0,2 ml) Regular Profile

Regular Profile, Light Frosted, Extra Robust, Fits Shell Frame Grids (0,2 ml).
Quantity: bag of 120.

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Cat. No.: B69901
Natural, Light Frosted
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Shell Frame Grids Compatible Fits almost all PCR and qPCR cycler models which accept regular profile products, such as ABI/LT, Agilent ®, Bio-Rad ®, Eppendorf ® and others.
See compatibility list at
Designed for PCR and qPCR applications. Can also be positioned in specific (skirted) grids also called Shell Frame Grids and once "positioned in" becoming a plate assembly for specific (q)PCR instruments. To fit all ABI 0.2 ml cyclers use grid AB17503G and for making solid non skirted plates use B69304 grid. See also: Shell Frame Grids.
Closure can be accomplished with any EU 8-cap strip. For qPCR closure the use of B57801, B79701-1 or the Optical Tear Off 8-Cap Strip Mat (B57651) is recommended.

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Sterile vs DNA free

Sterile is an "old" fashion way" mostly used in the past. In many cases in microbiology, not related to any PCR or qPCR sterile is sufficient. Eg. media for bacteriology are sterilized by autoclaving no assure that no bacteria are present. However DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase are very likely present. Notice that none of the labs doing sterilization, regardless hospital labs, etc. do NOT test on absence DNA, DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase!! Also any method as EtO, Cobalt 60, Electron beam, autoclave do not influence or reduce DNA, DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase!! AS a matter of fact most manufacturers of micro centrifuge tubes do NOT test for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase. They just sterilize.

BIOplastics manufacturing process, as well as any products which are manufactured by us, are tested for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNas e, RNase, and pyrogen absence. To please "old type" customers and "non-knowledgeable" users we also offer sterile products by, after testing for DNA DNA/RNA fragments, DNase, RNase absence, carousel-ling the products around a cobalt 60 source which kills any living germs.

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